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Discussion in 'HVAC' started by Mannan, May 18, 2016.

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    الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين



    صيانة دورية جداول جاهزة برج تبريد


    Qty: Lot
    Make & Model


    Annual Requirements to Short Life

    Consumable Spare Parts

    Task Description
    W / Weekly M / Monthly Q / Quarterly SA/ Semi/Annually
    A/ Annually SST / Seasonal Start/Up SSH / Season Shut Down
    2W M 3M
    6M A Notes

    Item Description
    Qty Notes

    Clean the header nozzle D

    Check the TDS D
    Inspect the sump and check deposit and clean D
    Check the unduly fan sound W
    Check chemical treatment and water condition W
    Check the Gear oil Level W
    Check the blow down and water leaks W
    Clean the level control M
    Check the strainer Q
    Check , clean the fan blades SA
    Clean fill and louver SA
    Grease the bearing SA
    Notes :
    1 Use additional sheets if required
    2 PPM routines based on Complete
    Running hour where recommended by the Manufacturer

    Clean cooling towers by flushing, blowing down all associated piping
    Inspect sprayer heads
    Inspect structural supports
    Inspect and clean louvers
    Inspect collection trays and suction screens for plugging and clean
    Inspect and clean drift eliminators
    Test motor winding continuity on condenser fan motors
    Inspect fans, bearings, housings, protective shields
    motors, drives and/or belts Lubricate as
    necessary Record observations

    Inspect fan motor starters
    Visually inspect motor starter/control center
    Check operation of starter and inspect contact surfaces for wear or pitting
    Check overload settings and check/tighten ALL electrical connections
    Vacuum cabinets to eliminate dust build/up
    Operate gear reducer where applicable until oil is warm Drain oil and refill with new
    Start units and operate If applicable, sequence units through entire operating range

    Record and address any abnormal vibrations
    Observe cooling tower to ensure proper operation Inspect for unusual noise or vibration

    Inspect and clean louvers, if required
    Check operation of make/up water valve and any associated controls/linkages, lubricate if

    Visually check fan gear reducer/drive oil sample for presence of water and/or sludge
    Check oil level in gear reducer/drive if applicable Add if required and record amount
    Provide Water Treatment
    During winter months ensure proper operation of basin heaters, if present
    Verify that alternating/lead/lag controls are operating the towers properly

    Clean/Flush condenser water strainers/sand filters
    Drain condenser water from cooling towers and any piping that could freeze during the winter

    Secure all makeup water systems
    Inspect condition of spray nozzles and fill
    check all structural supports and bolted connections
    and tighten as required

    Visually inspect the drift eliminators Remove debris or scale as required
    Record and address any abnormal vibrations



    في أمان الله !



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